Beyond the Mirror Image – An Interview with Matt Dale


We’re happy to bring to you this week our interview with Matt Dale, the author of the reference book, Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap. If you’re a regular listener of our show, you’ve heard us reference this book in perhaps every episode.

Matt talks about the origins of the book, and the love and labor that went into it. As we’ve said before on the show, the book is over 700 pages of exhaustive content – not only discussing the aired episodes, but also…

  • Alternate versions of several episodes
  • Deleted / alternate scenes
  • Detailed synopses of un-produced scripts
  • The story and a detailed synopsis of the never-produced pilot for the A Bold Leap Forward reboot
  • The novels, the comics and unofficial crossover comics such as Quantum Slide
  • A precise timeline of everything referenced in all of the above, ranging from 200 AD to the far future.

Listen to the interview, and head over to to purchase the book if you’re so inclined:

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