The B***ieman (The Halloween Episode) – October 31, 1964


*In Quantum Leap lore, it’s bad luck to say or write the full title of this episode, but if you’re listening to this, you probably already knew that.

Sam leaps into Joshua Ray, a second-rate horror novelist in Covington, Maine. Al says Sam is there to stop the murder of Joshua’s fiancée, Mary; her body will be found strangled later that night in the haunted house Joshua and Mary are planning. But then their handyman, Tully, is killed by a goat in a freak accident, and things continue to get more and more strange.

Sam and Dennis are joined by Kevin Lambert to talk about the episode. Kevin is a producer of the live Chicago show, [Redacted], a reading series where good “bad” movies are “unwritten” and performed by a cast just assembled briefly before the show and with minimal rehearsal. This was Kevin’s very first episode of Quantum Leap, and he had some feelings about it.

If you are a new listener to our show, our episode covering Camikaze Kid is a nice companion to this one. It was aired on Halloween, 2017, and some…spooky…things happened in the episode.

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