Black on White on Fire – August 11, 1965

We often talk on this show about Quantum Leap episodes that haven’t aged well, especially with our more socially-conscious 2018 sensibilities. Here’s one that is – all too unfortunately – very timely. It almost feels like it could have been written today.

Sam leaps into Ray Harper, a young black medical student living in Watts, Los Angeles on August 11, 1965 – the day the Watts Riots begin. As Ray, Sam must help provide medical care to Watts citizens affected by the riots while trying to keep his white fiancĂ©, Kim, safe. He also has to deal with Ray’s militant brother, Lonnie, who wants Ray to abandon his plans of leaving Watts with Kim for a medical internship in Boston, stay in Watts and help his own people.

L.A. actor, LaMont Anthony Hendrix joins us to discuss the episode – his first episode of QL ever. 

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