8 1/2 Months – November 15, 1955

In the winter of 1991, Quantum Leap came this close to being cancelled. Luckily, a huge letter writing campaign with messages from over 50,000 fans brought the show back from the brink. On March 6th, the show returned with 8 1/2 Months.

Sam leaps into Billie Jean Crockett, a 16-year-old pregnant teenager in Claremont, Oklahoma. In the original history, Billie Jean gave her baby up for adoption, but came to regret the decision and the spent the rest of her life trying to find her child. Al says Ziggy is there to keep Billie Jean and her child together. On top of that, Sam is feeling pregnancy and labor pains!

Sam Fain and Dennis are joined by their wives, Jessica Conger and Betsy Frymire, to discuss the episode. Both are moms…Jessica gave birth just a few weeks ago!…and they bring their perspectives to the episode.

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