Moments to Live – May 4, 1985

Oh, boy, has it been two months since our last episode? The time flies. But we’re back, talking about Season 4’s “Moments to Live”. Sam is Kyle Hart, 1985’s hottest U.S. soap opera star. When Sam is kidnapped by a mentally-ill fan determined to have a child with Kyle, he must prevent Kyle’s original fate of being shot in the head with a shotgun. (Seriously!) Frequent guest host, Chris Steward returns to take on some thorny issues in this darkly comedic episode – including sexual assault, mental illness, and classist stereotypes, and their depiction in entertainment. Oh, yes, and how David Hasselhoff is HUGE in Germany. Shake off the jet lag in the modem of your floppy disk and strap in for an interesting discussion!

***As always, we frequently reference Al’s Place, the Quantum Leap Wiki, and Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap.

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