Deliver Us From Evil – March 19, 1966

As “Quantum Leap” entered its fifth season, the show was under pressure to try new things to bring up the ratings. One of those new things was the concept of “The Evil Leaper”. After being hyped in commercials from the beginning of the season, Alia, along with her holographic guide, Zoey, finally arrive in the season’s seventh episode, “Deliver Us From Evil”.

Meanwhile, Sam has returned to life of Jimmy LaMotta and one of the most beloved stories from earlier in the series. When Sam had last left the LaMotta family, everyone was set to live happily ever after. But something has gone amiss – Ziggy says history is changing, and Sam and Al are about to discover why.

We talk about one of the more divisive stories of the final season, and explore what works and what doesn’t. We also go on some deep fan-wank discussing fan theories, and ponder whether Alia’s and Zoey’s names being so similar to Al and Ziggy was intentional.

Heat yourself up a TV dinner, grab an ice cream sandwich, and give this episode a listen!

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