Liberation – October 16, 1968

Listeners, we’re back after a brief hiatus with a new episode. This week, we’re talking about Season Five’s “Liberation – October 16, 1968”.

Sam leaps into Margaret Sanders, a wife and mother in…(Connecticut? Boston? We’re not sure.) Margaret and her daughter have become involved in the local feminist movement, led by activist Diana St. Cloud. In a couple of days, a protest is going to turn violent leading to someone’s death, and Sam is there to stop that – but also keep Margaret’s marriage intact to her chauvinistic husband intact. (Why keep the marriage? We’re not sure.)

We discuss an underrated gem of the final season. This was one of the last non-gimmick episodes in a season defined by gimmicks. We uncover the troubled history of getting this episode produced, and how it might have fared better earlier in the series.

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