Memphis Melody – July 3, 1954

The circle will, in fact, be unbroken

It’s the penultimate episode of our beloved show. Nothing to get all shook up about… Dammit… TV guide worthy puns abound as Sam leaps into an 18-year old Elvis Presley on the verge of discovery… Well, according to Project QL time, that is. Of course, nothing is ever easy for Sam as he makes a mess of things almost immediately and has to fix things to ensure Elvis’ success while also making life a little better for young Sue Anne Winters. We talk about the King’s place in pop culture, grappling with his influence and those that influenced him in an age where cultural appropriation is very much under scrutiny, and how he has impacted both of our lives. Couple that with our usual tangents and some preparation for the final episode, and you’ve got one super-sized Thanksgiving weekend podcast!

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