More Details about the Quantum Leap Pilot – Video

Look at Sam’s sharp new mic

This is our video version of Tuesday’s podcast.

We’re back this week to discuss more of what we know about the new Quantum Leap pilot, including the recent announcement that Helen Shaver will serve as both the pilot director and Executive Producer. We also have some more inside details thanks to our source – who we are lovingly calling ‘The Observer’ – at NBC:

  • Details on Ziggy and the Handlink
  • How they’re going to address Al’s absence in light of Dean Stockwell’s passing
  • More hints on how the producers hope to incorporate Sam Beckett and other original characters into the new mythology

Then, of course, Sam & Dennis make with some serious “fan-wank” with some speculation with the tidbits we do have. Along the way, we talk about the Handlink as the original smart phone, the 80s/90s TV trope of sassy AI computers, and a lamentation of how it only took four years after its cancellation for Knight Rider to get a reboot attempt. 

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