We Have Our Main Cast!

Raymond Lee, Nostalgia, and our Big Secret – Stream Our New Episode Here


We’re late with our blog post this week – blame Dennis. Since we recorded and dropped our episode Tuesday talking about the casting of Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Seong, we learned later Tuesday that Ernie Hudson has been cast as Herbert “Magic” Williams. Then Wednesday, news break with the rest of the main cast.

The cast of the Quantum Leap pilot:

Dr. Ben Seong – Raymond Lee

Addison – Caitlin Bassett

Ian – Mason Alexander Park

Jenn – Nanrisa Lee

Herbert “Magic” Williams – Ernie Hudson

Read more details here.

We’re excited about all of this, but we’re particularly intrigued by the casting of Caitlin Bassett. This is will mark her television debut. She is former military. After leaving the armed forces, she studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory and was later selected for the ABC Discovers Talent Showcase.

Like we said, this week’s episode almost feels like old news, but take a listen as we talk about what we know about Raymond Lee, talk about the pros and cons of nostalgia for the old series, reveal our big “secret” (you probably already figured it out), and make some fun “fan wank” guesses.

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Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap, by Matt Dale

Quantum Leap Info, by Matt Dale (a collection of all new info about the pilot Matt can gather)

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