The Leap Home, Part 1: November 25, 1969

It’s a bittersweet homecoming when Sam finds himself in his 16-year-old self, on the last Thanksgiving his family has before a number of tragedies overwhelm them: His brother, Tom, will die in Vietnam in a few months; his dad will die of a coronary in three years, and his younger sister, Kate, will elope with … Continue reading The Leap Home, Part 1: November 25, 1969

M.I.A. – April 1, 1969

If there's an episode of Quantum Leap that needs no introduction, it's this one, but here goes: Sam leaps into undercover detective, Jake Rawlins. Al tells Sam he's there to stop a woman named Beth from making the mistake of her lifetime - having her husband, who is missing in action in Vietnam, declared dead and … Continue reading M.I.A. – April 1, 1969

Animal Frat – October 19, 1967

Sam leaps into hard-partying frat boy Knut Wileton, better known on campus as "Wild Thing." He must stop student and anti-war activist Elisabeth Spokane from planting a bomb on campus as part of a Vietnam War protest. In the original history, someone was inadvertently killed in the explosion, sending Elisabeth into hiding for the rest … Continue reading Animal Frat – October 19, 1967

Jimmy – October 14, 1964

Sam is Jimmy LaMotta, a learning-disabled young man in 1964. Sam is there to help Jimmy keep and maintain a job so that Jimmy does not have to return to a mental institution. Previous guest, Christopher J. Steward, returns to discuss the episode. Michael Madsen guest stars as Michael Madsen. (Just kidding, he's playing a … Continue reading Jimmy – October 14, 1964

Blind Faith – February 6, 1964

Sam leaps into Andrew Ross, the "Ray Charles of classical piano", according to Al - Andrew, you see, is blind. Sam is there to save Andrew's friend, Michelle, from being strangled in Central Park the following night. But in the meantime, he was to pretend he is blind, contend with Michelle's overbearing mother when she … Continue reading Blind Faith – February 6, 1964

What Price, Gloria? – October 16, 1961

Sam is Samantha Stormer, an executive assistant at the National Motor Company in 1961 Detroit. Trapped in a body of a beautiful woman, Sam must endure sexual harassment from his boss, and stop Samantha’s best friend, Gloria, from committing suicide after learning her married husband will never actually leave his wife. Meanwhile, Al struggles with … Continue reading What Price, Gloria? – October 16, 1961

Honeymoon Express – April 27, 1960

Sam is Tom McBride, a New York police detective, starting his honeymoon with his new bride on the way to Niagra Falls. Sam must prevent her possessive ex-husband from kidnapping her, and murdering him. Meanwhile in the future, Al must appear before a senate committee to argue for continued funding to Project Quantum Leap. Sam … Continue reading Honeymoon Express – April 27, 1960

Camikazi Kid – June 6, 1961 (with a little Halloween thrown in)

Sam is Cam Wilson, a pimply LA teenager, there to stop his older sister, Cheryl, from marrying Bob, dashing her dreams of joining the peace corp. (NOTE: This podcast episode aired on Halloween. We debated skipping ahead discussing the infamous Halloween episode from Season 3, but decided to stick to air date order. But as you'll … Continue reading Camikazi Kid – June 6, 1961 (with a little Halloween thrown in)