Jimmy – October 14, 1964

Sam is Jimmy LaMotta, a learning-disabled young man in 1964. Sam is there to help Jimmy keep and maintain a job so that Jimmy does not have to return to a mental institution. Previous guest, Christopher J. Steward, returns to discuss the episode. Michael Madsen guest stars as Michael Madsen. (Just kidding, he's playing a … Continue reading Jimmy – October 14, 1964

Blind Faith – February 6, 1964

Sam leaps into Andrew Ross, the "Ray Charles of classical piano", according to Al - Andrew, you see, is blind. Sam is there to save Andrew's friend, Michelle, from being strangled in Central Park the following night. But in the meantime, he was to pretend he is blind, contend with Michelle's overbearing mother when she … Continue reading Blind Faith – February 6, 1964