The Leap Home, Part 1: November 25, 1969

It’s a bittersweet homecoming when Sam finds himself in his 16-year-old self, on the last Thanksgiving his family has before a number of tragedies overwhelm them: His brother, Tom, will die in Vietnam in a few months; his dad will die of a coronary in three years, and his younger sister, Kate, will elope with … Continue reading The Leap Home, Part 1: November 25, 1969

M.I.A. – April 1, 1969

If there's an episode of Quantum Leap that needs no introduction, it's this one, but here goes: Sam leaps into undercover detective, Jake Rawlins. Al tells Sam he's there to stop a woman named Beth from making the mistake of her lifetime - having her husband, who is missing in action in Vietnam, declared dead and … Continue reading M.I.A. – April 1, 1969