M.I.A. – April 1, 1969

If there's an episode of Quantum Leap that needs no introduction, it's this one, but here goes: Sam leaps into undercover detective, Jake Rawlins. Al tells Sam he's there to stop a woman named Beth from making the mistake of her lifetime - having her husband, who is missing in action in Vietnam, declared dead and … Continue reading M.I.A. – April 1, 1969

Sea Bride – June 3, 1954

Sam leaps into Phillip Dumont, who's aboard the RMS Queen Mary, departing New York, there to stop his ex-wife, Catherine's, impending wedding. She is about to marry Vincent Loggia, *ahem*, Vinny the Viper, in an arranged marriage aimed at saving the family business. Years ago, Phillip went missing while sailing, and Catherine's dad had their … Continue reading Sea Bride – June 3, 1954

Maybe Baby – March 11, 1963

Sam is a bouncer named Buster, helping a stripper with the stage name of Bunny O'Hare (played by Julie Brown) either rescue a baby to return to her rightful mother, or outright kidnap it. Sam is not sure, but more and more truth is revealed as Sam and Bunny and baby Christie make their way … Continue reading Maybe Baby – March 11, 1963

Leaping In Without a Net – November 18, 1958

Sam leaps in Victor Panzini, a trapeze artist in a small time carnival. Sam is there to prevent Victor's sister, Eva, from dying while performing the same high-difficulty "triple" that killed their mom a year ago. Sam must catch her himself, while fighting his own fear of heights. This is a pretty straightforward plot, leaving … Continue reading Leaping In Without a Net – November 18, 1958

Pool Hall Blues – September 4, 1954

Sam leaps into Charlie “Black Magic” Walters, a legendary pool player. As Magic, Sam must save “his” granddaughters bar-turned-night club from the loan shark who holds the marker on her place by beating him in a game of pool. One snag: Sam can’t “shoot pool with a shotgun.” Our guestiest guest, Christopher J. Steward, returns … Continue reading Pool Hall Blues – September 4, 1954

Good Night, Dear Heart – November 9, 1957

Sam leaps into Melvin Spooner, a mortician in Riven Rock, Massachusetts. When a young German woman is found dead in a nearby lake, Sam sets out to prove it was a murder and not a suicide, and gets just a tad obsessed with her in the process. Marcia Cross, who would go along star in … Continue reading Good Night, Dear Heart – November 9, 1957

Freedom – November 22, 1970

Sam is George Washaki, a young Native American who must help his dying grandfather, Joseph, escape from the local jail and make the journey to his true home so that he may die on his own terms, and not in a care facility as in the original history. Sam Fain, Dennis and guest host, Scottie … Continue reading Freedom – November 22, 1970

Her Charm – September 26, 1973

Sam is Peter Langly, an FBI agent assigned to Dana Berenger, a woman in the Federal witness protection program after having testified against her former boss and criminal, Nick Kochifos. In the original history, Dana was killed by Nick, who had somehow been able to find her twice before despite her being in witness protection. … Continue reading Her Charm – September 26, 1973

All Americans – November 6, 1962

Sam is Eddie Vega, a high school football quarterback. Eddie and his friend, Chuey, have dreams of getting scholarships and playing college football together, but Ziggy says Chuey is going to throw the upcoming championship game. Sam has to figure out the reason why, and stop Chuey from ruining his chance to go to college. … Continue reading All Americans – November 6, 1962

Another Mother – September 30th, 1981

Sam's a mommy! Sam leaps into Linda Bruckner, a single mother of three in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sam is there to keep Linda's oldest child, Kevin, from running away from home. Or was he abducted? Sam and Al seem confused, and we think we know why! To complicate matters, Linda's youngest daughter, Teresa, can see Sam for … Continue reading Another Mother – September 30th, 1981