Future Boy – October 6, 1957

Sam leaps into Kenny Sharp, AKA Future Boy, the sidekick of Captain Galaxy, the star of the St. Louis-based kids show, Time Patrol. Sam is there to save the life of Moe Stein, the actor who plays Captain Galaxy. In two days, he will day attempting to jump a freight train (yeah, we have issues with … Continue reading Future Boy – October 6, 1957

8 1/2 Months – November 15, 1955

In the winter of 1991, Quantum Leap came this close to being cancelled. Luckily, a huge letter writing campaign with messages from over 50,000 fans brought the show back from the brink. On March 6th, the show returned with 8 1/2 Months. Sam leaps into Billie Jean Crockett, a 16-year-old pregnant teenager in Claremont, Oklahoma. In the original history, Billie … Continue reading 8 1/2 Months – November 15, 1955

Runaway – July 4, 1964

Sam leaps into Butchie Rickett, a 13-year-old kid on a cross country vacation with his family - Dad Hank, mother Emma and sister, Alexander. Al says Emma is going to disappear on the night of the 4th, never to be seen or heard from again. It is assumed she will abandon the family after running … Continue reading Runaway – July 4, 1964

A Little Miracle – December 24, 1962

It's Christmas in July! God bless us, everyone!   Sam leaps into Reginald Pierson, the personal valet of Michael Blake, a ruthless New York City businessman. As Pierson, Sam must save Blake’s soul by way of "Scrooging" him, showing him his past, present, and - by way of Al in ridiculously bad make up and … Continue reading A Little Miracle – December 24, 1962

Rebel Without a Clue – September 1, 1958

Sam leaps into Shane "Funny Bone" Thomas, a biker in a motorcycle gang. As Shane, Sam must prevent the death of Becky, the girlfriend of the lead biker of the gang. Content warning: Given some of the events of the episode, we discuss sexual assault and rape, and how that conversation changed in the light … Continue reading Rebel Without a Clue – September 1, 1958

The Great Spontini – May 9, 1974

Sam leaps into Harry Spontini, a small-time magician with big dreams. Harry's estranged wife, Maggie, returns with her new fiancé, and it turns out she wants custody of their daughter, Jamie. Sam must find a way to keep father and daughter together. Sam and Dennis discuss the episode, talk way too much about the short-lived … Continue reading The Great Spontini – May 9, 1974

Black on White on Fire – August 11, 1965

We often talk on this show about Quantum Leap episodes that haven't aged well, especially with our more socially-conscious 2018 sensibilities. Here's one that is - all too unfortunately - very timely. It almost feels like it could have been written today. Sam leaps into Ray Harper, a young black medical student living in Watts, … Continue reading Black on White on Fire – August 11, 1965

Miss Deep South – June 7, 1958

Sam leaps into Darlene Monte, a beauty pageant contestant on her way to compete in the Miss Deep South competition. There, he meets another contestant, Connie Duncan, who is going to disappear before the competition begins after being seduced into taking nude photos by Clint Beaumont, the pageant's photographer. Sam must change her fate, while … Continue reading Miss Deep South – June 7, 1958

The B***ieman (The Halloween Episode) – October 31, 1964

*In Quantum Leap lore, it's bad luck to say or write the full title of this episode, but if you're listening to this, you probably already knew that. Sam leaps into Joshua Ray, a second-rate horror novelist in Covington, Maine. Al says Sam is there to stop the murder of Joshua's fiancée, Mary; her body will be … Continue reading The B***ieman (The Halloween Episode) – October 31, 1964

One Strobe Over the Line – June 15, 1965

Lions, and cameras, and pills. Oh, boy! Sam leaps into bad boy fashion photographer, Karl Granson, in 1965 New York City. Al tell Sam he's there to keep an up and coming model he's working with, Edie Landsdale, from dying from a drug overdose in two days. Larry Ganni from The Guest Room Podcast joins us … Continue reading One Strobe Over the Line – June 15, 1965