A Leap For Lisa – June 25, 1957

A handful of Quantum Leap episodes certainly need no introduction for hard-core fans, and this is one of them. Sam leaps into Al, a.k.a. Bingo, as a young Navy pilot. Ensign Calavicci has been accused of the rape and murder of Marci Riker, the wife of a Commander. When Sam inadvertently changes history, he drastically … Continue reading A Leap For Lisa – June 25, 1957

Stand Up – April 30th, 1959

You are about to witness the strength of Bob Saget. Leapers! We’re back this week to talk about Season 4, episode 21, Stand Up - April 30th, 1959. Sam leaps into Davey Parker - one half of the comedy duo Parker and MacKay (Saget). Despite a rough start with Sam leaping in mid-routine, the duo … Continue reading Stand Up – April 30th, 1959

The Curse of Ptah-Hotep – March 2, 1957

On April 22, 1992, the most consequential episode of Quantum Leap, nay, the most consequential episode of TV ever, aired on NBC: “The Curse of Ptah Hotep”. Sam leaps into Dale Conway, an archeologist who, along with his partner, Dr. Ginny Wills, has just discovered the tomb of King Ptah-Hotep. The hieroglyphics on the wall … Continue reading The Curse of Ptah-Hotep – March 2, 1957

Moments to Live – May 4, 1985

Oh, boy, has it been two months since our last episode? The time flies. But we're back, talking about Season 4's "Moments to Live". Sam is Kyle Hart, 1985's hottest U.S. soap opera star. When Sam is kidnapped by a mentally-ill fan determined to have a child with Kyle, he must prevent Kyle's original fate … Continue reading Moments to Live – May 4, 1985

It’s a Wonderful Leap – May 10, 1958

Hop in, Leapers. We’re going to the Big Apple, 1958, in a Yellow Cab driven by none other than Dr. Sam Beckett. Al’s by his side, of course, plus a guardian angel (Whose guardian angel is she anyway?) named Angelita who can dish out the barbs as good as she gets. Sam’s there to help … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Leap – May 10, 1958

Roberto! – July 27, 1982

We are back with a new episode talking about Season 4’s “Roberto!” Sam is Roberto Guttierrez, a tabloid talk show host in small-time Destiny, New Mexico. To talk about “Roberto!”, we have to talk about Dr. Laura Schlessinger (who appears as herself), Geraldo Rivera (yes, Sam Fain, we really, really have to), and how this … Continue reading Roberto! – July 27, 1982

Song For The Soul – April 7, 1963

Stop (in the name of Love!) and give a listen to our latest episode. This week, we’re talking about Season 4’s “Song for the Soul - April 7th, 1963”. Sam finds himself in a musical singing trio ala The Supremes, and must keep the group’s lead singer, Lynette, from ruining her life by falling into … Continue reading Song For The Soul – April 7, 1963

The Last Gunfighter – November 28, 1957

We are back with a look at season 4's "The Last Gunfighter"! We talk about Sam's struggle to set things right while also doing what's best for the leapee's family, the shades of grey inherent in these old west relics, masculinity, and, of course, a digression into the golden age of the television western. Adjust … Continue reading The Last Gunfighter – November 28, 1957

Temptation Eyes – February 1, 1985

Sam & Dennis gotta take a little time with season four's "Temptation Eyes". They're reading between the lines… There's been heartache and pain… But they can't stop now, they've traveled so far in this lonely life… And Dennis wants to know… He wants you to show him… 🙂 In some seriousness, we discuss what sets … Continue reading Temptation Eyes – February 1, 1985