Mirror Image – August 8, 1953

"Time’s a little funny here." Truer words were never spoken. We have come to the end of the televised adventures of Sam Beckett - at least, for now. Cokeburg, PA, August 8, 1953. Sam Beckett walks into a bar, orders a beer, looks in to the mirror, and everything changes. Arguably the most momentous episode … Continue reading Mirror Image – August 8, 1953

Memphis Melody – July 3, 1954

The circle will, in fact, be unbroken It's the penultimate episode of our beloved show. Nothing to get all shook up about… Dammit… TV guide worthy puns abound as Sam leaps into an 18-year old Elvis Presley on the verge of discovery… Well, according to Project QL time, that is. Of course, nothing is ever … Continue reading Memphis Melody – July 3, 1954

The Leap Between the States – September 20, 1862

Only three episodes to go, Leapers! We’re back with with our re-watch of “The Leap Between the States". Sam secedes from the regular rules (thank you, TV Guide, for that brilliantly horrible pun), and leaps back almost a hundred years further than his own lifetime, into the life of his great-grandfather, Captain John Beckett, of … Continue reading The Leap Between the States – September 20, 1862

The Beast Within – November 6, 1972

Just four TV episodes remaining of our beloved series! This week, we’re chatting about “The Beast Within”. First mistaken for a “Bigfoot” creature upon leaping in, Sam is actually Henry Adams, a Vietnam vet living in the woods of rural Washington. He must prevent his fellow vet, Roy, a fellow vet, from succumbing to a … Continue reading The Beast Within – November 6, 1972

Goodbye, Norma Jean – April 4, 1960

This episode seems like it brings everything full circle for our little podcast hosted by Sam & Dennis. Our hero, Sam Beckett, leaps into Dennis Boardman, the chauffeur to Marilyn Monroe. Yes, that Marilyn Monroe. Season Five of our favorite show continues its trend of leaping Sam into the lives of celebrities and historical figures. … Continue reading Goodbye, Norma Jean – April 4, 1960

Revenge of the Evil Leaper – September 16, 1987

Well, here we are. It's the end of the road for the Evil Leaper storyline. What do we think of Alia's final bow? Wait… Alia's in this?!?! But seriously, it's an interesting leap with a lot to love but some serious problems as well. Don't worry, Thames isn't one of them. Join us as we … Continue reading Revenge of the Evil Leaper – September 16, 1987

Return of the Evil Leaper – October 8, 1956

Our 100th episode! “She’s not gone, Al. Alia. Is. Not. Gone, “ Sam ominously warned us at the conclusion of “Deliver Us From Evil”, a few episodes back. In “Return of the Evil Leaper”, the evil leaper…well…returns! Sam has leaped into college student, Arnold Watson, “The Midnight Maruader”, a wanna-be on-campus caped crusader in 1956. … Continue reading Return of the Evil Leaper – October 8, 1956

Liberation – October 16, 1968

Listeners, we’re back after a brief hiatus with a new episode. This week, we’re talking about Season Five’s “Liberation - October 16, 1968”. Sam leaps into Margaret Sanders, a wife and mother in…(Connecticut? Boston? We’re not sure.) Margaret and her daughter have become involved in the local feminist movement, led by activist Diana St. Cloud. … Continue reading Liberation – October 16, 1968