Ghost Ship – August 13, 1956

Things are getting spooky and wet, but we're flying high in the Goose! This week we take a look at the 16th episode of season 4, "Ghost Ship". Sam is in the pilot seat again, but this time he's not the only one. Al gets spooked by the Bermuda Triangle, an appendix bursts, a WW2 … Continue reading Ghost Ship – August 13, 1956

Running For Honor – June 11, 1964 Leapers! We are FINALLY back with a new episode. Coincidentally, just in time for the start of Pride Month, we're discussing Quantum Leap's infamous "very special gay issues" episode, "Running For Honor - June 11, 1964". Sam leaps into Tommy York, a naval academy track star. As Tommy, Sam must help his friend Phillip, … Continue reading Running For Honor – June 11, 1964

Unchained – November 2, 1956

Or is this episode called "Unchained Melody"? Sam leaps into Chance Cole, a prisoner on a Southern chain gang in 1956. Cole is shackled to fellow inmate, Jasper Boone, who has been wrongfully imprisoned for series of store robberies. Somehow, Sam and Al must prove Jasper's innocence from inside the prison. We discuss the episode … Continue reading Unchained – November 2, 1956

A Single Drop of Rain – September 7, 1953

Sam leaps into Billy Beaumont, a traveling huckster who promises to literally make it rain. Sam arrives as Billy and his assistant, Clinton, are pulling into Billy's drought-ridden hometown of Clover Bend, Texas. In the original history, the drought continued for several more months, and Billy left town with his brother's wife, Annie. Can Sam … Continue reading A Single Drop of Rain – September 7, 1953

Dreams – February 28, 1979

Sam leaps into Jack Stone, a Malibu, California police detective. When Sam finds an eviscerated body immediately after leaping in, his psyche is thrown into turmoil, giving him nightmares and possible visions of his own impending death, even as he tries to solve the woman's murder. Our "guestiest guest" Chris Steward returns to discuss an … Continue reading Dreams – February 28, 1979

The Wrong Stuff – January 24, 1961

Sam's a chimponaut!  Sam leaps into Bobo, a chimpanzee in the early days of the space program. Sam is there to prevent the disappearance (and later, the unnecessary death) of Bobo, and another chimp named Cory. Sam Fain and Dennis discuss an episode that at first glance seems gimmicky and just an excuse to put … Continue reading The Wrong Stuff – January 24, 1961

Justice – May 11, 1965

Sam leaps into Clyde (in a rare case, no last name is given), as he is being inducted into the KKK in 1965 Alabama. As Clyde, Sam must save the life of a civil rights activist. This episode of Quantum Leap has several utterance of the "N word", spoken by white actors/characters. We spend a good portion … Continue reading Justice – May 11, 1965