Freedom – November 22, 1970

Sam is George Washaki, a young Native American who must help his dying grandfather, Joseph, escape from the local jail and make the journey to his true home so that he may die on his own terms, and not in a care facility as in the original history. Sam Fain, Dennis and guest host, Scottie … Continue reading Freedom – November 22, 1970

Her Charm – September 26, 1973

Sam is Peter Langly, an FBI agent assigned to Dana Berenger, a woman in the Federal witness protection program after having testified against her former boss and criminal, Nick Kochifos. In the original history, Dana was killed by Nick, who had somehow been able to find her twice before despite her being in witness protection. … Continue reading Her Charm – September 26, 1973

A Portrait for Troian – February 7, 1971

Sam leaps into Dr. Timothy Mintz, a paranormal investigator helping a woman named Troian Claridge determine if her dead husband, Julian, is trying to make contact with her. Spookiness is definitely afoot, and Sam must determine if there's a ghost, or a flesh-and-blood person out to harm Troian. Sam Fain hates this episode, Dennis loves … Continue reading A Portrait for Troian – February 7, 1971

Catch a Falling Star – May 21, 1979

Sam leaps into the life of Ray Hutton, an understudy in a touring production of "Man of La Mancha", in 1979 Syracuse, New York. Al tells him he is there to stop the show's boozing lead actor from taking a fall during a performance that will shatter his leg and end his career, but Sam … Continue reading Catch a Falling Star – May 21, 1979

The Right Hand of God – October 24, 1974

Sam Fain thinks "The Right Hand of God" is an over-plotted, too-complicated-for-its-own-good episode. Dennis thinks it is a perfectly enjoyable hour of television and worthy entry into the "Quantum Leap" canon. The two hosts spar it out. Who is Sam this episode? Sam is Kid Cody, a heavyweight boxer on the take in 1974 Sacramento, … Continue reading The Right Hand of God – October 24, 1974

Star-Crossed – June 15, 1972

Sam is a womanizing college professor in 1972 who must deflect the advances of an amorous student. Meanwhile, he encounters Donna (Teri Hatcher), the woman who will later stand up Sam at the altar. "Sam is the creepiest mayor of Creep Town who ever crept," Dennis argues at the outset of this episode. He, Sam, … Continue reading Star-Crossed – June 15, 1972