Quantum leap 1×15 “Ben Song For the Defense” Episode Recap Plus Interviews with Nanrisa Lee and Romy Loor

We are excited to bring you our discussion of this week's episode, Ben Song For the Defense, plus interviews with episode writer, Romy Loor, and cast member, Nanrisa Lee(@chickeedeewilliams on IG)! https://youtu.be/YispTOpQf1g

Quantum Leap 1×01 July 13, 1985 Recap Podcast

This week, we're here to discuss the premiere episode of the new Quantum Leap. Welcome to the Quantum Leap July 13 1985 Recap Podcast Synopsis In 2022, Ben Song leads the new Quantum Leap Project. When he gets a mysterious text, he prematurely steps into the accelerator...and vanishes. While the project tries to figure out … Continue reading Quantum Leap 1×01 July 13, 1985 Recap Podcast