Play It Again, Seymour – April 14, 1953

In an episode that's a hat tip to film noir classics, Sam is Nick Allen, a private detective in 1953 Brooklyn. When Sam leaps in standing over the body of Nick's dead partner, he must find the killer before he himself is knocked off by a dropper called Clapper (no cure for that in 1953!), … Continue reading Play It Again, Seymour – April 14, 1953

Camikazi Kid – June 6, 1961 (with a little Halloween thrown in)

Sam is Cam Wilson, a pimply LA teenager, there to stop his older sister, Cheryl, from marrying Bob, dashing her dreams of joining the peace corp. (NOTE: This podcast episode aired on Halloween. We debated skipping ahead discussing the infamous Halloween episode from Season 3, but decided to stick to air date order. But as you'll … Continue reading Camikazi Kid – June 6, 1961 (with a little Halloween thrown in)

The Color of Truth – August 8, 1955

Sam leaps into Jesse Tyler, an elderly black chauffeur to Ms. Melny Trafford, an elderly white women. Sam is there to prevent Ms. Melny from driving her car into the path of an oncoming train the following day, but when Sam, unaware he's leapt into a black man, sits at a lunch counter in segregated … Continue reading The Color of Truth – August 8, 1955

Double Identity – November 8, 1965

Sam is Frankie, a mob hitman in New York City, 1965. Ziggy says Sam is not there to right a wrong, but to perform a number of specific tasks in preparation for the project's next attempt to retrieve Sam back to the present. Guest, Christopher J. Steward, joins Sam Fain and Dennis to break down … Continue reading Double Identity – November 8, 1965

How the Tess Was Won – August 5, 1956

Sam leaps into "Doc" Daniel Young, a veterinarian working on a Texas ranch. He is quickly drawn into a "cowboy off" with Tess, the ranch owner's daughter, in a quest to win her hand at marriage. Oh, boy! See also, Piggy Sooie! Sam, Dennis, and guest star and Chicago musician, Claire Feeney, discuss cowboy feminism, … Continue reading How the Tess Was Won – August 5, 1956

The Right Hand of God – October 24, 1974

Sam Fain thinks "The Right Hand of God" is an over-plotted, too-complicated-for-its-own-good episode. Dennis thinks it is a perfectly enjoyable hour of television and worthy entry into the "Quantum Leap" canon. The two hosts spar it out. Who is Sam this episode? Sam is Kid Cody, a heavyweight boxer on the take in 1974 Sacramento, … Continue reading The Right Hand of God – October 24, 1974

Star-Crossed – June 15, 1972

Sam is a womanizing college professor in 1972 who must deflect the advances of an amorous student. Meanwhile, he encounters Donna (Teri Hatcher), the woman who will later stand up Sam at the altar. "Sam is the creepiest mayor of Creep Town who ever crept," Dennis argues at the outset of this episode. He, Sam, … Continue reading Star-Crossed – June 15, 1972

Episode Alpha – Prelude

In the first episode, hosts Sam and Dennis talk about how they discovered "Quantum Leap" in their childhoods, their time travel nerdery, and why they decided to name their podcast after a perhaps obscure reference from the third season. Oh, boy! The trivia book referenced is "Beyond the Mirror Image" by Matt Dale, available on … Continue reading Episode Alpha – Prelude