Revisiting Honeymoon Express – April 27, 1960

Sam and Dennis are still on break, but here's one from the archives, talking about the Season 2 premiere, "Honeymoon Express". We'll be back next week with a new episode, talking about Season 3's "Piano Man". *** Sam is Tom McBride, a New York police detective, starting his honeymoon with his new bride on the … Continue reading Revisiting Honeymoon Express – April 27, 1960

Future Boy – October 6, 1957

Sam leaps into Kenny Sharp, AKA Future Boy, the sidekick of Captain Galaxy, the star of the St. Louis-based kids show, Time Patrol. Sam is there to save the life of Moe Stein, the actor who plays Captain Galaxy. In two days, he will day attempting to jump a freight train (yeah, we have issues with … Continue reading Future Boy – October 6, 1957

Black on White on Fire – August 11, 1965

We often talk on this show about Quantum Leap episodes that haven't aged well, especially with our more socially-conscious 2018 sensibilities. Here's one that is - all too unfortunately - very timely. It almost feels like it could have been written today. Sam leaps into Ray Harper, a young black medical student living in Watts, … Continue reading Black on White on Fire – August 11, 1965

Another Mother – September 30th, 1981

Sam's a mommy! Sam leaps into Linda Bruckner, a single mother of three in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sam is there to keep Linda's oldest child, Kevin, from running away from home. Or was he abducted? Sam and Al seem confused, and we think we know why! To complicate matters, Linda's youngest daughter, Teresa, can see Sam for … Continue reading Another Mother – September 30th, 1981

Jimmy – October 14, 1964

Sam is Jimmy LaMotta, a learning-disabled young man in 1964. Sam is there to help Jimmy keep and maintain a job so that Jimmy does not have to return to a mental institution. Previous guest, Christopher J. Steward, returns to discuss the episode. Michael Madsen guest stars as Michael Madsen. (Just kidding, he's playing a … Continue reading Jimmy – October 14, 1964

Thou Shalt Not… – February 2, 1974

Sam leaps into David Basch, a rabbi in California. David’s brother and sister-in-law’s marriage is coming apart due to the death of their oldest child a year ago. In fact, Al tells Sam, in two days, “his” sister-in-law, Irene, will have an affair that will end their marriage, which he must prevent. Chicago performer, Kathleen … Continue reading Thou Shalt Not… – February 2, 1974