Episode 3 – Somebody Up There Likes Ben – October 2, 1977 – Audio Podcast

Listen here or wherever you get your pods Short Synopsis: Ben leaps into flashy 1970’s Las Vegas and into the body of promising young boxer Danny Hill on the eve of a big title fight. Ben and Addison discover that everything is on the line and must help Danny and his trainer/brother Daryl win the … Continue reading Episode 3 – Somebody Up There Likes Ben – October 2, 1977 – Audio Podcast

Episode 2 – Atlantis – Video Podcast

QUANTUM LEAP -- “Atlantis” Episode 102 -- Pictured: Carly Pope as Samantha Stratton -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Episode 2 – Atlantis – Audio Podcast

Listen here, or stream wherever you get your pods. Synopsis: Ben leaps into an astronaut in 1998, launching into space on the NASA shuttle Atlantis. When an equipment malfunction risks the lives of the crew, they find themselves at odds in agreeing on a solution to escape certain death. In 2022, the team at Project Quantum Leap … Continue reading Episode 2 – Atlantis – Audio Podcast

Episode 2 – Atlantis Recap

This week's episode opens with a new version of the saga sell, narrated by Addison: “Dr. Ben Song risked everything when he used the Quantum Leap accelerator to travel back in time. Now our team’s working to find out why. As he leaps between bodies with no memory of who he is, he still has … Continue reading Episode 2 – Atlantis Recap

Episode 2 – Atlantis – Promo Photos

In the second episode, Ben finds himself as an astronaut onboard the space shuttle Atlantis. Back at the Project, the team continues to investigate Ben's premature leap, leading them to someone fans of the classic series will no doubt recognize. QUANTUM LEAP -- “Atlantis” Episode 102 -- Pictured: (l-r) Caitlin Bassett as Addison, Ernie Hudson … Continue reading Episode 2 – Atlantis – Promo Photos

M.I.A. – April 1, 1969

If there's an episode of Quantum Leap that needs no introduction, it's this one, but here goes: Sam leaps into undercover detective, Jake Rawlins. Al tells Sam he's there to stop a woman named Beth from making the mistake of her lifetime - having her husband, who is missing in action in Vietnam, declared dead and … Continue reading M.I.A. – April 1, 1969